Ensoma in Re-imagining Education Conference

I am very happy to be participating in this wonderful conference. >>Visit the Conference Website<<  Thursday 24th 20:15-22:00 EETWe Embody Wisdom with Zoe ValerieA journey of movement leading to our anatomy facilitating the mental and emotional functions required to re-imagine education.

Trust in the body

Hybrid Ensoma session for teenagers and adults Mondays 10:00-11:30 and Wednesdays 19:30-21:00 at Casa Lucia and online.You can participate once or twice a week and regulate days according to your schedule. This is a hybrid session.A combination of online and inperson learning. You can participate in person and/or online depending on your circumstances.We use new technologies to assist […]

Τrust In The Body

On Monday, October 5th, the weekly Ensoma group session begins again, 10:00-11:30 at Casa Lucia.An afternoon / evening session is in the works.Individual and special sessions by appointment. There is also the possibility of participating online. Contact me if you are interested.Weather permitting we will be outside and, inside or out, we have enough space for […]

Trust your body – know yourself!

Α MOVEMENT & POSTURE WORKSHOP A 3-day workshop dedicated to movement and the body; the body as residence for the soul. We are going to explore matters of posture, position, movement, contact and expression. Guided by Timos Zechas, Alexandros Ioannou and Zoë Valerie, we will delve into Axis Syllabus, Fascia Therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander and Ensoma. […]

EN and Alchemy…

Saturday the 6th of April and Saturday the 20th of April, two of my most beloved workshops: “Theatre Alchemy for teenagers” “EN” for all ages In between there is a Spring Lunch so you can stay all day! With Theatrical Alchemy, in collaboration with the wonderful Popi Triantafillou and Thomas Gouzias, we will mix the performing arts […]

Autumn Ensoma

Group sessions for adults begin on the 1st of October. Mondays 10:30-12 am at Casa Lucia. Individual and special sessions by appointment. Ensoma at EN EUDEC as part of EUDEC18 Please let me know if you want to join.  

Cultivating Empathy through Motion

July 11th 2018 17:00-21:00 Casa Lucia, Corfu, Greece With Prof. Dr. Isabel Dziobek and Zoë Valerie Special guests: Kalliopi Anthi and Silke Lipinski This workshop brings together researchers, clinicians, and practitioners in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, dance, and contemporary embodied practices, to discuss and explore the role of motor empathy, i.e., kinesthetic empathy, in […]


Some of you may know that I am a co-founder of EUDEC Greece and that I am co-organising the EUDEC18 Conference in Crete in August. Through EN,  the inter-age theatre collective I direct, artists and educators from all over Greece are gathering in EUDEC18 to research and celebrate: What is democracy from the perspective of […]

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